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2 March 1980
I totally love all things British. ♥ Well, except the food maybe. *g* But most of my favourite actors and TV shows are from the UK. :-)

I also love musicals and theatre, TV & film, DVDs, the Internet & my websites, reading, music, travelling, learning foreign languages, photography and playing Playstation/Nintendo DS from time to time.

This Livejournal is mostly for drooling over my many fandoms ;-) , a little fanart (wallpapers + icons), posting my photos, and some occasional entries about my private life.

My favourites at the moment are:
TV: Doctor Who (New Series), Torchwood, Sherlock, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-O (2010), Primeval, Being Human (UK), White Collar, Castle, Warehouse 13, Stargate: Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (reimagined), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Game Of Thrones, Life On Mars (UK), Ashes To Ashes, Hustle, Lost, The Dresden Files, Chuck, Monk, Psych, Dexter, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Six Feet Under, Jeeves & Wooster, several Britcoms <3, The Armstrong & Miller Show, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Big Bang Theory, Community, M*A*S*H
Movies: Hornblower, Sharpe, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter
Actors: David Tennant, John Barrowman, John Simm, Ioan Gruffudd, Jamie Bamber, Sean Bean, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Miller, Scott Caan, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Mark Sheppard, Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer, David Hewlett, Marc Warren, Aidan Turner, Richard Coyle, Jack Davenport, Reece Shearsmith, Ardal O'Hanlon, Simon Amstell, Philip Quast, Hugh Laurie, Gary Oldman, Kenneth Branagh, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Christian Bale, Paul Bettany
Music: Musicals!! <3, Die Ärzte, Liquido, Queen, Mando Diao, Bon Jovi, Reamonn, R.E.M., Nickelback, Travis, The Beatles, Robbie Williams, Meat Loaf, Achim Reichel
Comedians: Dieter Nuhr, Eure Mütter, Ralf Schmitz, Tim Minchin

see "Interests" section for more ;-)

As of yet, most of my entries are public, but sometimes I have "friends only" ones, e.g. if they contain too personal stuff or pictures I don't want the whole world to see...

I'm always interested in meeting people from all over the world, so if you share any of my interests feel free to add me as a friend. :-) Please leave me some kind of note why you friended me somewhere though, so I can add you back.
24, aidan turner, alan rickman, alex o'loughlin, alexander armstrong, alexander siddig, andrew lee potts, ardal o'hanlon, armstrong and miller, ashes to ashes, battlestar galactica, being human, ben mansfield, ben miller, benedict cumberbatch, black books, blackadder, blackpool, britcoms, bruce willis, cabin pressure, cardiff, castle, chris barrie, christian bale, chuck, ciaran mcmenamin, colin firth, community, coupling, criminal minds, david hewlett, david tennant, deep space nine, dexter, dharma & greg, discworld, doctor who, douglas henshall, ds9, dylan moran, england, father ted, fawlty towers, game of thrones, gareth david-lloyd, gary oldman, hadley fraser, hamlet, harry potter, hawaii five-0, henry ian cusick, himym, hornblower, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, hustle, ioan gruffudd, jack davenport, james callis, james murray, james nesbitt, jamie bamber, jason flemyng, jason isaacs, jason statham, jeffrey combs, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, john barrowman, john simm, karl urban, kavan smith, kenneth branagh, kiefer sutherland, law & order: uk, les miserables, life on mars, london, lord of the rings, lost, m*a*s*h, mads mikkelsen, marc warren, mark sheppard, matt smith, matthew bomer, michael fassbender, misha collins, moonlight, musicals, mutant x, nathan fillion, ncis, neil patrick harris, never mind the buzzcocks, paul bettany, paul blackthorne, paul mcgillion, paul rudd, philip glenister, philip quast, photography, primeval, psych, pushing daisies, ramin karimloo, red dwarf, reece shearsmith, richard coyle, richard madden, richard speight jr, robert downey jr, roger allam, rudolf martin, scott caan, sean bean, sharpe, sherlock, simon amstell, simon pegg, six feet under, sophia myles, star trek, stargate atlantis, stellan skarsgard, stephen campbell moore, supernatural, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, the brittas empire, the dresden files, the invisible man, the it crowd, the league of gentlemen, the vicar of dibley, theatre, thomas borchert, tim dekay, tim roth, tom hardy, tom hiddleston, torchwood, viggo mortensen, warehouse 13, west end, white collar, will and grace, william shakespeare